when you never move ahead.

my name is tamara. the rest is up to you.

west side is the best side.


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Teens Before Tumblr: Blogging Online In 1999


For the majority of 1999 I was thirteen and a loner with only excessive screen media to guide me. I was slowly transitioning out of my Spice Girls and Mariah Carey induced phase and didn’t have much to come down on. I wasn’t into the Backstreet Boys, I didn’t care about ‘N Sync and I had a…

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I remember the days I would make shitty graphics and learn code from scratch.

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Look at that… a junkie. I’ve got a fucking junkie for a wife.

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i don’t know what i am doing with my life or my hair

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Sang “Dope Bitch” to my dog and then realized the pun and sang it genuinely.

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"The Mrs. Carter Show" | Costumes

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Maybe it’s the nitrous, or maybe it’s the weed, but, uh… I don’t care.

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Even though Hotdiggitydogblog is not here anymore, we will always appreciate the happiness and the joy that Max and his owners had shared with us. You and your goofy smile will not be forgotten Max!

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# still the best moment in a tv show ever

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